Wart Remover – Treatments and Products


Wart Remover – Products and treatments

There are a number of Wart Remover Products and Treatments available both over the counter and from your doctor.

Warts form as a result of the human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus is spread by having physical contact with someone who has already been infected by the virus.

Warts are benign and not considered to be a particularly serious condition. They can however be painful if they occur in particularly sensitive areas of the body. If left untreated most warts will eventually disappear without treatment of any kind. Untreated warts can take a long time to clear up (as long as two years in some cases). Warts can appear on any part of the body but tend to be most common on the hands and feet.

If you have a wart take appropriate precautions to try to prevent infecting anyone else.

Over the counter wart remover products

Common Warts and Plantar Warts (veruccas) can be treated very successfully at home with one of the over the counter wart remover products that are available . Most people who suffer from these types of warts treat the condition themselves in their own homes.

Wart remover products that you use at home are also possibly the fastest, and most effective, form of treatment for warts.

Electrosurgery / Curretage Wart Remover Techniques

Electrosurgery (also referred to as electrodessication) is always performed by a doctor or surgeon. A local anaesthetic is administered after the wart and the area surrounding it have been cleaned thoroughly. The wart is burned away using an electrically heated needle.


The treated wart is then removed using a knife or ‘curret’ (a surgical instrument used for scraping).

Electrosurgery and Curretage are regularly used together in performing a wart remover procedure.

The main benefit of Wart removal by surgical means is that the wart is removed immediately.

Electrosurgery is not suitable for treating large clusters of warts. It is used mainly for removing single wart growths or small infected areas. Surgical procedures can also leave scarring and can also be painful. Electrosurgery only removes the wart, it does not treat the viral infection that actually caused the wart to appear. This means that there is a strong chance that the wart will reappear and further treatment could be required.

Wart Remover – Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is sometimes considered as an option to remove warts if other wart remover techniques have been tried and failed. The procedure is carried out by a doctor or health professional. A high intensity laser beam is focussed on the infected area which burns away the wart. Normally only one session of treatment is required but in extreme cases a second treatment may be required.

Laser treatment is considered to be more effective than surgical removal.

There are several different types of laser that can be used for the procedure.

Lasers are most commonly used for genital warts and plantar warts (veruccas). Laser treatment is not normally considered as an initial form of treatment. The treatment can be expensive and it can also be painful. Patients are also likely to suffer some degree of pain around the treated area for some days following treatment . There is less likelihood of scarring with laser treatment than with normal surgical removal.

Cryotherapy wart removal

Cryotherapy is a fairly common treatment for removing warts. It is usually carried out by a health professional. Cryotherapy attempts to destroy the wart itself and also the human papilloma virus that caused the wart to appear in the first place.

The wart, and the skin around the wart, is thoroughly cleaned prior to treatment. In some cases a local anaesthetic may also be used. A freezing agent (very often liquid nitrogen) is then applied to the wart. Application can be by means of a swab or can be applied as a spray. The treated wart will usually turn white within a few minutes of the freezing agent being administered. The area will then blister and a bandage is then applied for protection. More than one treatment is usually required.

Cryotherapy can be used on common warts, plantar warts and genital warts. The patient may experience some pain both during and following the treatment. Scarring is also possible.

Although Cryotherapy is usually carried out by a doctor there are now ‘cryotherapy wart remover kits’ that can be bought over the counter for home treatment.

Natural Wart Removal – Home Remedies for wart removal

There are a number of ‘natural home remedies’ that you can try at home. There is however little scientific evidence that is able to confirm that these remedies do in fact work.

I have listed five of the most common home remedies below

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Wart remover

Normally only used for common warts and flat warts that are situated on the hands or other ‘non sensitive areas’.

The vinegar is mixed with warm water and then applied to the wart with a cotton bud. The mixture can either be removed after a few minutes or can be left on the wart over night.

The acid in the vinegar gradually soaks in to the wart and layers of skin gradually begin to peel away. Re-application of the mixture will be required for a number of weeks. Some irritation to the skin can be experienced with this method.

Lime Juice /Lemon Juice or Pineapple Juice as a Wart Remover

This method works in exactly the same way as the apple cider method. Lemon juice and lime juice are extremely acidic. The juice is applied with cotton wool to the wart and left to soak in overnight. As with the apple cider treatment you will need to repeat the process for some considerable time before the wart is removed.

It is also suggested that Pineapple juice will work in a similar way if you need to treat common warts that appear on your hands or fingers. Simply get a container and fill it with fresh pure pineapple juice. Soak the affected hand (or finger) in the juice for between three to five minutes. Dry off carefully. Repeat the procedure twice a day.

Wart Removal using a Banana

Scrape the white mush from the inside of a banana skin and spread it on to the wart. Leave the preparation in place for ten to fifteen minutes and then remove. Repeat the process two or three times a day until the wart disappears.

Remove Warts with Basil

The process requires you to crush approximately a quarter of a cup of washed basil leaves until they become ‘mushy’. Apply the mush to the affected area and hold it in place with a bandage. After 24 hours remove and replace with more basil and a clean bandage. Keep re-applying until the wart disappears.

Using Honet as a Wart Remover

Lightly file the surface of the wart and then cover it with a thick coat of honey. Hod the honey in place with a bandage. Reapply every twent four hours until the wart is gone. Try to use a good quality organic honey, such as Organic Manuka Honey, as this produces the fastest results.

This form of treatment is generally referred to as ‘occlusion therapy’. This simply means that the wart is being deprived of oxygen which causes it to die.

As an alternative to using honey and a bandage some people simply use ‘duct tape’ which also acts in much the same way.

Are Homemade Wart Remover Remedies Successful?

There are numerous other home wart remover remedies that appear in various publications and on the internet. Virtually none of these remedies appear to have any scientific documented evidence to suggest that they do actually work.

As warts will disappear of their own accord the remedies being use could simply be coincidental and not actually have contributed to the removal of the wart at all. There is however very little harm that can be done by trying these remedies if you wish to do so!

It is essential that if you are suffering from genital warts or warts on other sensitive areas of the body you exercise great care in selecting the correct treatment. Genital warts should not be treated with any preparation that is designed to treat common warts.

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