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Remove Warts with Duct Tape


Can you really remove warts with duct tape?

remove warts with duct tape - warts on handThere are a number of home cures for warts. Some of them may possibly work and others certainly will not.

There are numerous people who claim that you can remove warts with Duct Tape. As with most home cures the evidence for success is mainly anecdotal as there does not appear to be any firm scientific evidence to substantiate it.

There have been studies carried out to determine whether applying duct tape to the wart will actually remove it. In each case the results appear to be inconclusive. In the tests that were carried out some of the patients using the duct tape method did find that their warts did disappear. Others found that trying to remove warts with duct tape did not have any effect on their warts at all.

Remove Warts with Duct Tape – Method

Step 1. The first step is to thoroughly clean the wart and surrounding skin to remove all dirt and grease.

Step 2. Let the skin dry completely. It is essential that there is no moisture n the skin that can be trapped under the duct tape when it is applied. This will help to ensure that the duct tape adheres to the skin correctly. Trapped moisture may also irritate your skin.

Step 3. Cut a small square or regular grey duct tape that is just large enough to cover the wart. Press it down to make sure that you get good adhesion. It is essential that you use the normal grey duct tape as most people believe that this gives the best results.

Step4. To remove warts with duct tape the tape needs to be left in position for six days. If it falls off before this time simply cut another piece of tape and replace it. At the end of the six day period leave the tape off overnight. If your wart seems to be getting worse or there are signs that the tape is irritating your skin stop the ‘treatment’ immediately.

Step 5. Soak the wart with warm water. If the wart is on your hands or feet completely immerse them in a bowl of water. This will help to soften the skin.

Step 6. The next step is to ‘debride’ the wart. This simply involves scraping the wart with a pumice stone of emery board to remove any dead material. If the process becomes painful stop immediately.

Whatever you use for the debriding process should be thoroughly sterilised and if possible disposed of to prevent the virus being spread.

Step 7. Put a new piece of duct tape over the wart and repeat the process. Try not to touch the exposed wart whilst it is uncovered as the virus can be transmitted via your hands to other parts of your body.

Keep repeating the process until the wart disappears. If after two months the wart has not been cleared then consider using an alternative method or consult your doctor.


Remove Warts with Duct Tape – How does it work?

It is not entirely clear why the ‘duct tape occlusion therapy’ method should work. One theory is that the adhesive on the tape acts as an irritant which causes your body’s immune system to be activated to fight the virus.

The second theory suggests that it simply the fact that the wart is being starved from receiving surface oxygen that causes it to die.

Removing warts with duct tape can be a lengthy business. It can take anything up to two months for the treatment to work (if in fact it works at all). If you want to try to remove warts with duct tape it is always worth a try. There are however other methods and treatments that are likely to be more effective and will get quicker results.



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